Provision’s ProNova SC360 Proton Therapy System

Bringing Innovative Cancer Treatment to Patients with a History of Success

ProNova has assembled a strong technical and commercial team (ProNova) of experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneurs who have demonstrated success in the development and delivery of advanced technology to the medical device market. Founded by the leaders of CTI Molecular Imaging, ProNova’s team brought positron emission tomography (PET) technology out of the laboratory and made it a clinical reality for millions of cancer patients. Our team’s early work revolutionized cancer diagnostics and helped to develop an industry with over 350 cyclotrons, over 3,000 PET & PET/CT systems and 160 PET radiopharmaceutical distribution centers installed around the world today.  The same team has redefined cancer treatment, once again, with the introduction of the SC360 proton therapy system, on the market today.

Cost Effective

Energy Efficient

Smaller & Lighter

No Compromises

Innovation Without Compromise

The ProNova SC360 has harnessed the power of proton therapy and created a compact system that incorporates the latest technology developments at less than half the cost, one tenth the weight, and half the size of current systems available today. It differs from other proposed compact systems by featuring complete functionality of full-size systems available today. The SC360 is a highly expandable treatment platform, allowing for growth into the most advanced forms of treatment.

Superconducting Magnet Technology

Superconducting magnets have multiple benefits; not only are they dramatically smaller in size, weight and power consumption, they also have a magnetic field 2x higher than those used in today’s cyclotrons and gantries, in addition to a 0.5x bend radius. Taking advantage of this technology, the SC360 maintains 360° rotation similar to radiation therapy, while the dramatically smaller size and weight allows for ample room for full ring imaging at isocenter and simplified shipping and installation, reducing cost and time to market.

Don’t treat tomorrow’s patients with yesterday’s proton therapy technology.

Our SIMPLE DESIGN is pre-assembled, factory tested and shipped standard freight, which streamlines installation and start-up time while reducing costs.
A 360° TREATMENT ANGLE allows patients to remain in one position during treatment sessions, similar to traditional radiation treatment. This capability reduces the need to re-position and re-image during treatment sessions, resulting in faster treatment, higher throughput and greater accuracy.
SMART PENCIL BEAM SCANNING allows for Fast Scanning IMPT with optional apertures for maximum clinical flexibility.
A TWO-ROOM SOLUTION is the optimal balance connection of one cyclotron to two gantries. One, two or three room solutions are available.
3D ANATOMICAL AND FUNCTIONAL IMAGING AT THE ISOCENTER provides for the most advanced Image Guided Proton Therapy (IGPT) capabilities. Standard with cone beam CT and optional PET.

The Need for Proton Therapy

With just 26 existing proton therapy centers in the United States, only 3.6% of cancer patients eligible for proton therapy will actually be able to receive it this year.

More than 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year in the US, and of those cases, 340,000 will be eligible for proton therapy. However, with just 26 existing proton therapy centers and 79 treatment rooms in the US that can treat a mere 23,700 patients each year, 1,054 more treatment rooms are needed. The need is even greater around the world. Of the 14.1 million people diagnosed with cancer every year, 2.8 million are candidates for proton therapy.

The Future of Cancer Treatment

With more than 1.7 million people to be diagnosed with cancer this year in the United States, 340,000 of whom will be potential candidates for proton therapy, a low-cost treatment option is needed. Introducing Provision’s ProNova SC360 system, a no-compromise proton therapy solution that will make proton therapy more accessible to patients and physicians. ProNova is redefining the future of cancer treatment by delivering a lower-cost, smaller, lighter and more energy efficient proton therapy solution without sacrificing today’s most important clinical capabilities, and creating an improved overall patient experience.

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