What is Proton Therapy?


Learning about a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming but there is a new form of cancer treatment being offered right here in East Tennessee. It is fast becoming one of the top cancer treatment options available, it is called proton therapy. Joining us today is Dr. Marcio Fagundes from Provison Center for Proton Therapy. You are actually a radiation oncologist, you have seen this work first hand, please explain this process.

Proton Therapy is type of radiation therapy were protons are aimed at the tumor and we can actually make this form of radiation stop at the tumor and not radiate beyond the tumor. So that more dose of  radiation can be administered to the tumor site, with less surrounding side affects.

So with proton therapy you are able to be more specific in the areas that you are actually treating the cancer?

Yes, protons are physically superior to X-rays because we can actually stop the radiation where we want, so we can spare the heart for instance when we are treating lung cancer or other tumors in the chest and not cause side effects or damage. Which is fantastic for the patient!

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