RadCare Website Launches



Not unlike its companion website, Chemocare.com, Radcare.org was created to help cancer patients and their families better understand their care by explaining highly technical medical information in simple terms.

When Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton was traversing his cancer journey it was difficult for him to understand all of the highly technical medical information about his care and there was no one source to help him understand his diagnosis and treatment. Once his treatment was complete he had a vision of creating a single online resource for cancer patients and their families to better understand their disease and care. This resulted in the creation of Chemocare.com, as part of the Scott CARES program to help patients better understand chemotherapy. And now, Radcare.org is a companion website to help patients better understand the many different aspects of radiation therapy and proton therapy.

The new website was designed as an in-depth resource for information on the many different types of radiation therapy, what to expect during treatment, and details on the latest technologies, such as proton therapy.