Who Are the Proton Ambassadors? You Need to Know!


When someone is diagnosed with cancer, life’s focus turns to cancer treatment, quality of life, care and cure. During this journey, there are a myriad of emotions, and while the search for the right answer is insatiable, there is no greater comfort or substitute than connecting with someone who has been down your path.

As the Provision Center for Proton Therapy focuses on our Culture of Care, we recognize this important element of a patient’s journey. We have created an Ambassador Program, where former proton therapy patients are available to participate in a number of ways as an advocate of proton therapy.  They are able to serve newly diagnosed patients, as well as those currently receiving treatment.  Our Ambassadors have experienced the frightening diagnosis of cancer, the exhaustive research of treatments and side-effects, the multitude of tests, the influx of medical bills, and finally the confusion and overwhelming emotions as they discern all of this new information.  They understand the needs, the anxieties, and the fears of those recently diagnosed with cancer.  They can provide information, direction, explanation and facilitation, while nourishing patients with encouragement, inspiration and hope. They are part of our Culture of Care, and they are willing to serve in any capacity that advances proton therapy.

They willingly, genuinely and respectfully extend their hand to walk with new patients through their journey. January 20. 2014 marked the first treatment day for Provision Center for Proton Therapy and our Ambassadors were on hand to support new patients and their caregivers.  Click here to see the news coverage and to meet two of our active Ambassadors, Gordon Webster and Tom Bomkamp.

If you would like to connect with an Ambassador, please click here visit the Proton Guys web site, or call the Provision Center for Proton Therapy at 1-855-566-1600 and ask to speak to one of our care coordinators.