As Good As He Ever Was – Proton Therapy Patient Helps Others By Sharing His Experience


Prostate cancer survivor Gordon Webster of Kingston, Tenn., knows about proton therapy firsthand and he is more than willing to tell anyone about it who will listen!  Nothing is more beneficial than talking to others who have gone through the experience and Provision Center for Proton Therapy has an army of Ambassadors who volunteer their time to support and educate others on what to expect.  Webster enthusiastically shares his experience in the above video.

When considering cancer treatment, side effects and outcomes are of major concern. A non-invasive treatment, proton therapy has become a trusted method for accurately targeting tumors and minimizing damage to healthy tissues, thus having a positive impact on reduced side effects and improved quality of life.

As a non-invasive treatment, patients are able to remain relatively active during and after their treatment, which allows patients at the Provision Center for Proton Therapy to use the wellness facility on our campus, take advantage of Knoxville’s recreational opportunities and explore beautiful East Tennessee.

“Like many of us, you have to take charge of your own healthcare and learn that proton therapy is the better treatment for the vast majority of prostate cancer patients,” said Webster.

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