A patient lays on the proton therapy treatment table while therapist adjusts positioning

Proton therapy from a patient’s perspective: Part 2


Richard was Provision CARES Proton Therapy’s very first graduate!  He finished his proton treatment in February 2014, surrounded by family, friends, and a lobby full of staff. He gave an emotional and heartfelt speech that left not a dry eye in the house.

Part 1 of Richard’s story appeared in a previous blog post.  Here’s an excerpt:    “I can honestly say that my time with Provision was a life changing experience and I think about it every day. When I think about the day I walked out of my last treatment and everyone was there waiting for me and applauding, I get choked up every time. The real applause belongs to the staff at Provision CARES Proton Therapy and the fine work they do there. I am beginning to miss Tennessee after being home for so long and I am looking to finding work there. Don’t be surprised if you see me around the water cooler one day. Provision is a place with such great people who really make a difference.  I will definitely return for a visit one way or another.”

Richard did not realize how true those words would ring. As an engineer, ProNova Solutions, (the manufacturing arm of Provision Healthcare) always captivated him when he came here for treatments. When he saw they were hiring a Systems Specialist, he applied. Richard started working the day after Memorial Day! He always wanted to work where he could make a difference and contribute to the betterment of mankind.

He is selling his home in North Carolina and staying with his parents, where he can once again enjoy the comforts of mom’s love and home cooked food. She is so happy to have him close by, especially after the loss of her other son. He and his sister and nephews get together every weekend for dinner and fill the house with laughter and noise, which was missing for so many years.

We asked Richard how it felt to now be on the employee side as he enters the building every day. He simply said, “It’s like a homecoming.”