Indiana University and ProNova Solutions Collaborate on Proton Therapy Technology


BLOOMINGTON, Ind.– A series of collaborative research agreements between Indiana University
Cyclotron Operations, Indiana University Health Proton Therapy Center and ProNova Solutions aim
to develop advanced proton therapy technologies, including a new pencil beam scanning nozzle.
“This partnership with ProNova allows us to leverage our technology and expertise to further
advance proton therapy for patients,” said Dr. Peter Johnstone, president and chief executive
officer of the IU Health Proton Therapy Center, director of IUCO, and chair and William A. Mitchell
Professor of Radiation Oncology at the IU School of Medicine. “With our significant engineering and
technical talent at IUCO and our world class physics and clinical proton programs at the IU Health
Proton Therapy Center – all under the same roof – we are uniquely positioned to collaborate with
ProNova on this initiative.”

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