National Cancer Survivors Day celebrates life, health and survival


On this, National Cancer Survivors Day, we take a moment just to appreciate. Life. Health. Survival.

Those who receive a cancer diagnosis no longer take those things for granted. They have become a precious gift. Something to be celebrated. But, better to hear the words of those who’ve been there. Below are thoughts from two young cancer survivors and Provision alumni. You can read the stories of their cancer journeys, and many others, at



At the age of 27 I thought I would not be hearing the words, “sorry you have cancer,” but I did. In fact it was stage II Hodgkin Lymphoma. Today, at 29 I’m in the club people really don’t want to be in—”the cancer survivor club.” With the help of a team of doctors at UT Cancer Center and my Provision Proton team I am a survivor! I also give credit to the Lord who lead me to Provision for my radiation care treatments. I remember that first day and how every staff member made me feel welcome and assured me they would see me through this. I will never forget the day they asked me to do a commercial for them and a photo shoot for Scott Hamilton’s cancer site I was so happy to give back because these fine folks gave me so much more than they can ever imagine. Happy Cancer Survivor Dat to all whom have joined the club!—Becca Kelly



I’ve been cancer free for almost 10 months now and plan on staying that way. On June 11th My daughters school is running a booth at the Relay for Cancer run. I will be helping out all day and walking as well. I am just enjoying the summer now. Lots of gardening, swimming, walking and just enjoying my day everyday. All in all I’m cancer free and dealing with the small stuff and am very HAPPY.—Holly Caster

Happy, happy Cancer Survivors Day!!