Remembering the world’s cancer victims and survivors


This is an edited version of a message Provision Center for Proton Therapy President Tom Welch sent to our patient Ambassadors, those who have come to Provision for treatment and help to spread the word about proton therapy, in recognition of World Cancer Day.

Today is World Cancer Day. People across the world will be remembering loved ones, supporting friends and family who have been diagnosed with cancer, and celebrating those who are now cancer free. At Provision Proton Therapy Center, we recognize the significance of this day and wanted to share in the celebration.

Our patients are such an important part of helping Provision’s mission of making proton therapy a clinical reality for so many people. In 2016, 91 patients heard about proton therapy from former patients. This was double the number of those in 2015. During 2016, 248 more patients joined our Ambassador program, and now there are 708 members. Over 1,300 patients have graduated from treatment at our proton therapy center during the first three years of operations. That means our graduation bell has been rung over 1,300 times!  It’s hard to believe we just celebrated our third anniversary of opening the Provision Center for Proton Therapy on January 20, 2017. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it.

In 2017, we felt it was important to extend our message beyond being the only proton therapy provider in our region and include the other comprehensive cancer services offered on our beautiful campus including medical oncology, imaging, women’s and men’s health centers, the most clinical trials in our region as well as other critical healthcare providers.

We believe this initiative will allow more patients to access the quality of care, innovative clinical trials, and proton therapy that only Provision offers. You will start to see and hear new commercials focusing on our entire campus. We hope to be a resource for patients who don’t know where to turn once diagnosed. We encourage patients to reach out to us so we can help them on their journey which can be so confusing and overwhelming. Our singular focus on cancer will allow us to be another source of support in such a challenging time in a patient’s life.

This year we would like to continue to hear from you. Let us know how you are doing and how we can help you. Continue to share your experience with your community, friends, family, and people you meet along the way.