Cancer non-profit seeking support


Cancer has a cost that goes far beyond paying for treatment, and Provision CARES Foundation stands in the gap for patients grappling with all the realities of their disease.

The non-profit was established to provide support and education to patients as well as seek better treatments through research initiatives. And the work has not slowed one bit, says Les Fout, Provision CARES director.

“We are continuing to support and expand the local services we provide to patients and their families across East Tennessee,” he said. “From food to housing to early detection screening, we support everything outside the patient’s actual medical care.”

Provision CARES’ fundraising calendar usually revolves around the Scott Hamilton and Friends ice skating show, which was unable to be scheduled this year for logistical reasons. That opened the opportunity to plan smaller, more intimate events that showcase the work of Provision CARES and other caregivers in the community, Fout said.

Currently, Provision is promoting the CARES Cancer Challenge, which launched in March and will culminate at the East Tennessee Cancer Impact Awards dinner. The event will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 20, at the downtown Marriott. In addition to the dinner, the event will include an auction and feature 12 volunteer fundraisers who are participating in the CARES Cancer Challenge. These volunteers are working their personal networks to raise money. Provision CARES also recently held a private shopping fundraiser at Just For You — the Stockroom in Knoxville.

Come Father’s Day will be the Bill Williamson Memorial Golf Tournament, held June 16 at Avalon Golf and Country Club. There will be a fall fundraising luncheon as well later this year.

At the awards dinner next week, Provision CARES will recognize Don Denton, a cancer survivor and founder of the Tennessee Cancer Patient Coalition, which has lobbied tirelessly for legislation providing coverage for proton therapy; Dr. Susan Newman, an oncologist and local advocate for cancer patients; Amy Williamson and Karen Sapp, founders and organizers of the Bill Williamson Memorial Golf Tournament and Nisus Corporation, which launched and produces Eddie Check, a regional screening event for prostate cancer.

“This is a chance to recognize local heroes in the cancer care and advocacy community,” Fout said. “We are grateful to have so many who go above and beyond when it comes to fighting this disease and for the people who suffer from it.”

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