Balancing your health with the Wheel of Life


Is life out of control? Are you juggling a dozen different things? Do you feel like you are being pulled in too many directions? Are you unsure what your life is about? Are you beginning a new business venture? Are you looking for something new but don’t know how to find time to do it? Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not getting traction? Are you stressing over everything in your life? Does the end of the money get here before the end of the month? Are you too tired to exercise but your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol are all screaming that you need help? How do you accomplish any or all of this?

Our lives are multi-faceted, like a wheel. There are many spokes to balance and to consider so that all the spokes are working together to help life run smoothly. If one of the spokes is broken or bent, the wheel is out of balance and our lives may wobble along. So, when life is busy and all our energy is focused on a special project, it’s easy to find yourself off balance. While we need to have focus and drive, we also need to remember other areas of our life so that nothing gets dropped. When one spoke of the wheel is not functioning well, the whole wheel is out of balance. So, the Wheel of Life is a nice way to look at our life and evaluate what is out of balance. Let’s step back and take a look at each spoke of the wheel. We will be focusing on eight spokes that affect our entire life throughout this blog series: Fitness, Nutrition, Peace, Relationships, Finances, Career, Personal Growth and Restoration/Recreation. If any area is demanding too much from us, then another area will most likely suffer. We cannot remove any one of these spokes and find our lives in balance.

To start with we will get an over view of our life by placing a number on each spoke as to where you think you are on that spoke. This will help you consider each area of your life and assess what adjustments may need to be made. So, begin by marking a number on each spoke and then connect the dots into a “web”. Notice where your life is out of balance and begin thinking and praying about what changes need to be made. We will begin with a discussion about fitness and we will take a different topic each week. Until then, peace be with you!