Provision patients report on life after treatment


For the past three and a half years, patients have been coming to Provision Cares Proton Therapy Center seeking the best treatment and care for the cancer diagnosis. Many of them have shared their stories with us. Today, we celebrate these survivors by checking in with some of the Provision alumni whose stories we have featured in the past. Click the links to find out more about them on our website,

Walter Knight: Prostate cancer

“Several weeks ago I eclipsed two years since my treatment completion at Provision Proton Therapy Center.  I am indeed pleased to report that I am in fine health and my Prostate Cancer PSA has continued to decline to a very low level.I have always been very active. During and following my treatment, I was able to maintain my rigorous training schedule and was not inhibited in any manner.  I had selected Proton Therapy because of it’s efficacy and it’s minimal post treatment side effects.  None the less, I was still quite concerned about post treatment side effects and my quality of life after treatment.While my side effects were not exactly zero, they were so insignificant and short lived that they were a non issue.  My experience was so positive that I enthusiastically volunteered to become an Ambassador for Provision Proton Therapy. As an Ambassador, I have had the opportunity to meet and chat with people in all stages of the disease and hopefully have been able to provide answers and guidance for them.  It has been very fulfilling.”

Terry Vinson: Throat cancer

“I am just over one year cancer free!!! Proton was the best choice I could have made for my treatment plan.   The results are proven.  I recently went to my ENT he was surprised how well my throat looked and said you made the right decision to choose Proton Treatment.  My family and I feel very fortunate. All the best and keep up the good works everyone does at Provision.”

Alexa Gash: Head and neck cancer

“It’s been 3 months since I was told I am in remission! I’m living everyday to the fullest thanks to Proton Therapy. I am feeling strong, healthy & forever thankful for Provision and Proton Therapy!”

Earl Malpass: Prostate cancer

“I completed my treatment early August 2014.  Although I wouldn’t have chosen to be diagnosed with cancer, I look back on that time as a time of great growth in me personally and spiritually.  Not only did I go through the treatment with virtually zero of the side affects normally associated with prostate cancer, but I look back on the whole process as a time God taught me many lessons.  I still have zero side affects of the other forms of treatment, plus, I have shared my experience with scores of other men who have the same diagnoses and have all the questions that I had during that time.  No, I wouldn’t have chosen to be diagnosed with cancer, but I’m a better Christian have gone through the process.”