Patient finds unlikely referral shopping for RVs


As is often the case, the momentous often happen as a result of the seemingly insignificant.

Such as Patricia Borchardt’s visit to Buddy Gregg RVs and Motor Homes shortly after a routine screening indicated she might have breast cancer.

Avid racecar fans from Cambridge, Wisconsin, the Borchardts had made East Tennessee a kind of second home after connecting with a church at the Bristol Motor Speedway’s NASCAR Cup Series race back in the late 1990s.

They had already planned a vacation when Borchardt learned of her suspicious test results, and decided to make the trip to Tennessee anyway. Which included a stop at Buddy Gregg’s.

“I call it a divine appointment to go shopping,” she said.

The topic of her health came up during the sales tour, and employee David Sanz said, “’You need to check out Provision.’”

Making the call

Once home, Borchardt continued with the process of testing and became overwhelmed as she visited a retinue of specialists and explored treatment options.

“I was just getting bounced all around,” she said. “I wasn’t feeling comfortable.”

She called Provision, and immediately felt drawn by the level of warmth and customer service. It was Provision staff who first called attention to the fact Borchardt’s breast cancer was located close to her heart. This would increase the long-term risk of heart disease should she choose conventional radiation treatment.

Ultimately, she received the entire treatment regimen on the Provision campus. Dr. George Webber with Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center performed surgery to remove the tumor. Tennessee Cancer Specialists oversaw her chemotherapy treatments. And Dr. Allen Meek, radiation oncologist and medical director of Provision Medical Group, guided her through proton therapy.

Proton therapy uses protons instead of photons utilized in conventional radiation to provide a much more targeted treatment option that attacks tumors while sparing surrounding healthy tissue and organs.

Much in a name

Borchardt considers Provision’s name an apt one—“The Lord just provided every step of the way,” she says. “We were so impressed with the care, with everyone we met there.

Buying a new motorhome? It’s still on the wish list she says. But the shopping trip to Buddy Gregg she doesn’t regret one single bit.