cyclotron, Provision Healthcare, Franklin

Provision installs cyclotron at Nashville site


Provision Healthcare in expanding cancer centers and advancing proton therapy to Nashville, TN, with the development of the Provision CARES Cancer Center.

After months of excavating and building construction, The Provision CARES Cancer Center in Franklin, Tenn., welcomed the cyclotron, a key component—and the largest—to the new facility. This brings the center one step closer to treating cancer patients in May 2018.

“We are so thrilled to take this important step of bringing proton therapy to a second location in our home state of Tennessee,” said Terry Douglass. “The center will be operated by and use equipment developed and made in this state. We are truly grateful for this opportunity.”

The Provision CARES Proton Center is under construction an 11.6-acre parcel near Williamson Medical Center on Carothers Parkway. The development of the Provision CARES Cancer Centers provides patients access to convenient, individualized support and guidance from medical experts. It also provides the most advanced forms of cancer treatment.

What is proton therapy?

Proton therapy treats tumors by directing radiation into the tumor site destroying cancerous cells. Unlike with other forms of radiation, Physicians can control the dose and range of protons. This allows the maximum deposition of energy into the tumor. This reduces damage to nearby healthy tissue and limits negative side effects. Proton treatment can be combined with chemotherapy and biological treatments, depending on the cancer type, to provide better outcomes with less tissue damage.

According to the National Association of Proton Therapy, there are currently 26 proton therapy centers in operation with 11 under construction or in development.