New Provision CARES Coloring Book for Pediatric Patients


As Provision CARES Proton Therapy Knoxville continues to treat more pediatric cancer patients, Nurse Manager Lindsay C. has created and illustrated a new coloring book that explains the proton therapy treatment experience to children.

“We have had several opportunities for our pediatric patients to participate in art therapy, whether it’s painting treatment masks, pumpkins, or canvases, and I love seeing the children’s reactions to their artwork! They have so much fun. Art therapy helps heal the mind, body and soul,” said Lindsay.

The coloring book features Gantry Bear, a little bear who is receiving proton therapy too. Gantry Bear’s pictures explain the treatment process in an easy-to-understand book filled with coloring pages, connect-the-dots imagery, as well as word games and puzzles.

When asked what inspired her to create and illustrate this special book in her spare time, Lindsay said, “I love being creative and I tend to channel my inner child as well when taking care of pediatric patients. I know the consult process can be long for a child, and I wanted to give them a creative outlet to distract them during the consult. I love coloring and so do my children; I wanted to create a comprehensive coloring book that explains treatment and allows for the child to be creative. It offers coloring pages for the little kids and brain teasers for the adolescents, and reads like a story.  From a child’s view, this therapy and treatment itself may be daunting or scary, by showing them creatively what treatment looks like will hopefully ease their anxiety or distress.”

Lindsay’s generosity of her time and talents is such a great example of Provision’s fantastic CARES team, who are all dedicated to cultivating a Culture of CARE at Provision that ensures each patient is valued, and has the best possible cancer treatment experience.