Prostate cancer survivor says proton therapy treatment was ‘phenomenal’


When Steve was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his doctor laid out a few treatment options to consider, including proton therapy.

“I was looking at surgery, seed implants, and two or three others, but the one was I was looking at the most was proton therapy because it’s so non-invasive.”

He scheduled consultations at various cancer centers to discuss the pros and cons of each potential treatment. Having heard rave reviews about proton therapy from friends, he purposely scheduled his visit to Provision CARES Proton Therapy after all the others.

“I just wanted to save the best for last and I’m glad I came here. Everything my friends told me was true. They told me when they took proton therapy the side effects were very minimal. They said it’s pretty quick to get through and go on your way,” recalled Steve. “And I thought, ‘That’s me. That’s me right there.’ Since completing my treatments, I have no outstanding side effects. I feel good. Proton therapy was perfect, just absolutely perfect.”


Steve’s diagnosis definitely caught him off guard. He went in for his routine annual physical and his primary care physician found something he didn’t like. At that time, Steve was referred to a urologist who performed a biopsy.

“My urologist came in and said he had good news and bad news,” said Steve.

Of course, the bad news was the biopsy had confirmed the presence of prostate cancer.

“Anytime you hear the ‘C’ word, that affects you. I just kind of went into a blank stare.”

Steve’s wife, Deb, was with him when he got the diagnosis and remembers the immediate impact it had on her husband.

“It was frightening,” Deb said. “He was a little numb at the beginning and not really forthcoming with everything that was going on with him.”

Thankfully, as the urologist had alluded, there was some good news to help balance things out. They caught the cancer early, so there was plenty of time to research and consider all the treatment options.


Steve and Deb taking a walk on campus at Provision CARES Proton TherapyNot only were they coping with a cancer diagnosis, but Steve and Deb were feeling added anxiety because Thanksgiving and Christmas were approaching. The last thing they wanted was for Steve to be dealing with potential side effects from treatment as they tried to navigate through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

They did their due diligence and looked into multiple treatment options, being sure to consider factors like side effects, outcomes, and recovery time.

“We looked at every option. How invasive it was. How much damage it would do to his body. How much damage it would do to our family with things like hospitalizations. Just a lot of things to consider,” recalled Deb.

After consulting with the radiation oncology team at Provision, the couple was confident that proton therapy was Steve’s best treatment option. It was non-surgical and non-invasive with a lower risk of side effects.

They were hopeful Steve could get through the holidays without much impact on his daily life. And that hope turned into reality. Ultimately, he finished prostate cancer proton therapy treatment on New Year’s Eve, feeling good and experiencing no problems.

“We were able to completely enjoy the holiday season. We went to all the get-togethers,” said Deb.


In addition to the clinical benefits – prostate cancer proton therapy being a targeted, precise treatment that minimizes damage to the bladder, rectum, and bowel – Provision’s Culture of Care also impressed Steve and Deb.

“You walk in, and people are smiling. They’re greeting you by name. The doctors, nurses, and staff are so friendly and knowledgeable,” said Steve. “They knew exactly the answer I needed for every question I had.”

As a spouse watching her husband go through cancer treatment, Deb was grateful for the caring, family-oriented culture she experienced.

“I think we came in apprehensively, but we left with a family of friends and just a great outlook,” she remembered. “The staff is wonderful, and they make you feel at home.”

Steve’s proton experience made it easy to recommend Provision CARES Proton Therapy to anyone who is diagnosed with cancer. From the ease of his treatment process to the quality-of-life benefits he’s now enjoying; he says he wouldn’t change a thing.

“That’s what I was looking for when I came here and that’s what I would recommend to anybody looking for cancer treatment. It’s just phenomenal what proton therapy treatment does.”