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Prostate Cancer

From carney kid to cancer survivor, life hasn’t followed a predictable trajectory for Jim. Nonetheless, this businessman turned pastor and movie producer sees divine purpose in every step. Jim, a pastor and producer of several popular Christian movies including Fireproof and Facing the Giants, completed treatment for prostate cancer at Provision CARES Proton Therapy.

Jim was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer at age 55. His risk category made him anxious as he examined all his options, and faced the possibility of decades of long-term side effects from the required surgery and radiation therapy.

“After my diagnosis, men came out of the woodwork,” Jim said. “I talked to at least a dozen who had done all different forms of traditional therapy. All were doing fine, but they’d all had side effects. Then I found proton therapy.”

He first consulted with a different proton therapy center and then found Provision, which offered pencil beam scanning – a more precise delivery method – and could quickly work him into the schedule. He was denied insurance coverage by his carrier, but several friends pooled their resources to pay for his treatment. It wasn’t the first time his community had come together to do something amazing either. Knowing more about Jim’s journey helps better understand how he ended up here, surrounded by  a supportive network of people ready to step in and minister to him in his time of need.

Born in Eden, North Carolina, Jim spent his childhood traveling up and down the Eastern seaboard with his family who operated a carnival business. (He can rapidly reel off the speech of a carnival barker to prove it!) He made a career running cable television companies and then managed Coca-Cola plants, first in North Carolina and later in Georgia. While in North Carolina, faith began playing an important role in Jim’s life. He began teaching Sunday School classes and speaking in smaller area churches.

“I began to think I wanted to be in ministry,” he said. Though initial plans to attend seminary were cut short, the dream of ministry didn’t die. Jim continued to pray for God’s call and eventually left his work at Coca-Cola, with the blessing of the owner, to take a position as pastor of the Christian school associated with his local church. This was just the beginning of a unique career in ministry.

Two young ministers in the same church dreamed of making faith-based films to rival traditional Hollywood fare. Local church members funded $20,000 and served as the entire cast of their first project, Flywheel.

“We thought we’d just show it at Easter,” said Jim, recalling that the church had requested a screening at the local theater in Albany, Georgia. “It did better than all the Hollywood movies, and the theater company asked us to stay for six weeks. It also showed in surrounding towns.”

Such were the beginnings of a movie series that included additional films such as Facing the GiantsFireproof, and Courageous, each with larger budgets and distribution that ultimately spanned the globe. The ministry grew into the production company Sherwood Pictures, and the Kendrick brothers, whose original vision launched the movie project, are continuing the ministry as Kendrick Brothers Production.

Once treatment began, Jim said he appreciated the atmosphere, professionalism, and camaraderie he found at Provision. And through the process, Jim says he clung to the promise found in the Bible from Isaiah 26:3: The steadfast of mind you will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in you.

Cancer has become yet another opportunity for Jim to trust in the Lord and share the story of God’s faithfulness with others.

“Provision was a great blessing,” he noted. “Every day I say, ‘Thank you for giving me cancer, because it’s given me so many ways to minister to other people.’”

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