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Breast Cancer

When Lou L., a 63-year-old grandmother, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she didn’t shed a tear at first.

However, the tears came, she said, after receiving the first letter from her insurance company denying coverage for proton therapy, a type of radiation treatment that targets the cancerous tumor while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue and organs.

“It was the first time I had cried after all of this, after I got my first denial,” Lou said.

Ms. Lovingood had lumpectomies in both breasts after her diagnosis, and completed proton therapy treatment at Provision CARES Proton Therapy. As Provision’s 500th patient, Lou seized the opportunity to share her insurance story during a special celebration ceremony.

“My diagnosis today could be yours tomorrow,” she said. “We want the best level of care for everybody. If there is something better that’s out there, we should have the right to it. We have to stand up and use our voice to say, ‘You can’t treat us this way.’”

As the co-owner of an insurance agency, Lou was able to use her retirement savings to pay for treatment. Others, she said, may not be so fortunate.

Provision has continued driving significant efforts forward towards legislation to get proton therapy covered by insurers at the same levels it covers other radiation therapies. Insurers have argued that the more expensive treatment isn’t cost effective and is not necessarily better than traditional radiation therapies. However, several clinical studies prove that proton therapy patients will have a lower risk of short-term and long-term side effects compared to traditional radiation.

Provision first began treating patients in January 2014 and has treated more than 40 different types of cancer. Provision also features the most advanced type of proton therapy, known as pencil beam scanning, which gives physicians even more precise capability. Lou was the first person Provision treated for bilateral breast cancer, and we plan to continue expanding treatment for different disease sites and offering the newest treatment techniques available.


Provision helped Lou beat breast cancer

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