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Sarcoma Cancer

When your only child is diagnosed with cancer, you’re willing to cross oceans and continents to make sure she gets the treatment she needs. That’s what brought Tina to Provision CARES Proton Therapy, where she received treatment for Ewing’s sarcoma.

Tina’s parents, Angela and Alex, first noticed something was wrong when seven-year-old Tina began to experience pain while lying down at night. At first, local doctors diagnosed her with intestinal issues and gave her a prescription, but when the problem didn’t go away, a CT scan revealed a tumor on her back.

The family lives in Shanghai, and as soon as they learned of her diagnosis, they made plans to travel overseas for treatment.

“We didn’t want to stay in Shanghai,” said a family member, sharing their perspective through an interpreter. “There are so many patients in China. We wanted treatment quickly, and we wanted the best treatment, so we decided to come to the United States.”

The family had friends in Delaware, so they traveled there first, where Tina received chemotherapy treatment for two months. Her doctors suggested that she needed radiation treatment, as well.

After choosing proton therapy  – recommended for many pediatric cancer cases due to the limited amount of radiation exposure to healthy tissue and organs – the family contemplated treatment centers in Florida and New Jersey, but ultimately decided on Provision CARES Proton Therapy.

Angela and Alex were not very familiar with the area before arriving for Tina’s treatment — although they did know of Tennessee in China, thanks to country music and Elvis Presley. While receiving treatment, they made sure to take advantage of area attractions and activities. The family visited the zoo, and went to the mountains, where Tina was able to ride a horse. A local Japanese restaurant became a family favorite during their stay thanks to its udon noodles, one of the few foods Tina felt like eating.

The entire family expressed how happy they were with their decision to choose proton therapy and Provision. They said both the treatment and staff made their experience an easy and happy one, considering the circumstances.

“We had good expectations, but when we got here it was even beyond our expectations,” said Tina’s mom. “All the doctors and nurses were very caring. It relieved the pressure.”

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