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The Provision Proton Ambassadors program began in November 2012 to serve the cancer community by educating, advocating, and facilitating the advancement of proton therapy.  The Culture of CARE found at Provision is about respecting the dignity and value of every person to provide an environment of compassion, sensitivity, and thoughtful consideration.  The Ambassador program was born out of that consideration, to help create and nurture a sense of community and support from others who have been on this journey.

Proton Ambassadors have a powerful voice, because each has personally experienced the frightening diagnosis of cancer, the exhaustive research of treatments and side-effects, the multitude of tests and influx of medical bills; the navigation of and struggle with insurance companies, along with the confusion and overwhelming range of emotions that comes with discerning all of this new information. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the daily focus is about cancer treatment, maintaining a quality of life, caregiving, and finding a cure. Proton Ambassadors understand firsthand the needs, anxieties, and fears of newly diagnosed patients and are happy to share their stories in support of the cancer community.


Proton Ambassadors help raise awareness of proton therapy by sharing their personal story as well as clinical resources that Provision provides to empower this important outreach. Ambassadors are eager to share with those recently diagnosed with cancer about their own journey of searching for treatment options and why they chose proton therapy.  As part of the Culture of CARE, the opportunity to speak with a Proton Ambassador is always available to prospective patients who want to learn more about proton therapy.

Proton Ambassadors provide information, explanation, and support to nourish prospective patients with encouragement, inspiration, and hope.  Proton Ambassadors can help educate others about proton therapy by electing to participate in Provision-sponsored events such as health fairs or seminars, media interviews, or to be represented in other promotional opportunities, such as brochures, videos, or on websites to raise awareness.  Many patient stories can be found at, where a library of proton therapy treatment stories continues to grow, showing the personal video testimony of patients to help others on their cancer journey.


All patients need advocates, and Provision Proton Ambassadors welcome opportunities to advocate for patient rights. Proton Ambassadors are not just survivors of cancer, but also survivors of the process to seek and receive their preferred treatment. They stand ready to fight for those following in their footsteps and often support legislative efforts by writing letters to government officials, making phone calls, or attending events and speaking engagements.  Legislative bills may include agendas such as patient’s right to choose treatment, a patient’s right to be covered by insurance, or a patient’s right for improved turn-around time for insurance approval.


Provision Proton Ambassadors represent a wide and diversified network, leveraged through personal and professional relationships to develop awareness of proton therapy and increase advocacy efforts strategically.  The facilitation of these efforts is fueled by a passion to help cancer patients and can bring both short- and long-term rewards by fostering community and awareness. Facilitated support may include activities such as securing speaking engagements in civic organizations or clubs, appointments with influential contacts to multiply support for this important cause.

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