Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer Fundraiser

First Annual SK8 to ELIMIN8 Cancer Raises $8K


On Friday August 8, 2014, the inaugural Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer event took place at Cool Sports, Home of the Icearium, in Farragut TN, with the invitation to join “Team Scott” on this worthy cause.

People of all ages came out to skate for a great cause.  More than 100 people came out to pledge their support in the fight against cancer.  Several families and their children hit the streets to raise pledges and donations for the event.  There were three children and their families that were extremely successful and raised more than $1,000 each.  One of which was a young 6th grader, Maggie Comer.  She was determined in her efforts and raised a grand total of $4,000!  Scott Hamilton commented on Maggie’s passion via email “Wow!  So young to be a philanthropist!  Creating opportunities that allow young people to know they can make a difference is wonderful.”   Because of her achievement, she and her family will receive dinner and event show tickets to the 2014 Scott Hamilton and Friends Show on Ice, on Saturday December 6th at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum and the Knoxville Convention Center.  She will also have the opportunity to meet and have a photograph with Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton at the event.

Provision CARES Foundation considered this event to be a big success!  With the help of the community, we are extremely happy to have raised a grand total of $8,000!  This event would not have been remotely possible or even successful without the help of Nadia Kogeler, the General Manger at Cool Sports, and Cool Sports and their employees for their help to raise awareness for this event.  Cool Sports is a major sponsor in this event as well as the December 6 event and made a donation back to Provision CARES Foundation that evening.   “This was a first annual event,” said Les Fout, Director of Provision CARES Foundation, “and we look forward to continuing and expanding this fun and successful night of fundraising.”

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Nancy Howard is Vice President of Patient Services

International Patients Travel to Knoxville for Proton Therapy Treatments


With less than 50 proton therapy centers in the world, Provision Center for Proton Therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee, serves as local, national and international host to patients from all corners of the globe that need proton therapy. Provision takes special care of all patients through our Culture of Care initiatives that respect the dignity of every person. We work diligently to know the needs of our patients and make their stay as comfortable as possible. We know that patients who make Knoxville their home away from home during treatment have different needs than those who are local. Provision has continued to grow in the number and diversity of patients we treat, not just in disease site, but also in nationality!

We are privileged to treat our very first international patient in this month! We welcome all nationalities and cultures to the Provision Center for Proton Therapy, as the Knoxville community is an “International Ready” community, and can provide full support of our patient’s experience. Understanding the needs of our international patients and exceeding their expectations is our distinguishing feature among other medical providers. We place great value on the patient experience and we are ready to serve the needs of all patients.


Nancy Howard is Vice President of Patient Services and the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.

The Value of Taking a Break


A peaceful destination is the perfect place to stop and take a break.  We can all benefit from a break, whether from work, stress or just a change of scenery.   Taking a break can sharpen our minds, enhance our creativity, motivation and give us strength to cope with stress.

Remember the story about the man who stopped to sharpen his axe?  Two men were in a competition to see who could chop down the most trees in a day.  One man was much larger and the people in the town were wagering that he would win, 20-1 as the favorite.  The smaller man knew he needed a competitive advantage.  He knew his tool would be his competitive advantage.  When the competition started, both men began chopping fiercely against the clock.  The difference was the smaller man stopped every hour to sharpen his axe.  The sharper axe would give him better precision and efficiency.  Spectators were in awe that he would stop and waste this precious time as the larger man would surely beat him. In the end, the smaller man won the competition, as his axe was sharpened every hour and could chop with more precision, giving him the advantage of a better tool than the larger man using a duller axe.

Our minds are our tools for everything we do, and it’s important to nurture our minds, just as we do our bodies. Located just off Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee, the beautiful campus at Dowell Springs serves as host to 700 employees from a multitude of employers ranging from medical providers and services to federal government, in addition to 500 daily patient visitors, who come to Dowell Springs from all over the region.  Beautifully landscaped grounds and water features replace block after block of asphalt and concrete that’s typical in many business parks and downtown office buildings.

It would be easy to miss this prized treasure on the campus that takes you outdoors to a peaceful park-like setting. Nestled in the center of the campus, the one-mile “Dowell Springs Walking Trail” highlighted by beautiful waterfalls is accessible and convenient from any building on the campus. The trail is paved with sunlight, shade, beautiful landscaping, benches to stop and rest or lawn areas to bring a chair and a book, or a blanket for a picnic lunch. Let your senses enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of all the beautiful seasons, but especially the spring dogwood and redbud blooms, or the colorful display of the fall foliage and the many small creatures that call the campus their home.  The Dowell Springs Walking Trail has been featured in the Dogwood Arts Festival as a “commercial camera site,” open to the public to visit and enjoy its natural beauty. Visit the Knoxville Dogwood Arts Festival at:

Adjacent to the business park is the 1.7-acre site of the Lonas-Dowell house, a local historical landmark built in 1858 from brick molded out of Tennessee clay.  Dowell Springs Business Park donated the adjacent Lonas-Dowell house property, one of the oldest historical and continuously occupied archaeological sites in Knox County, to Knox Heritage for restoration and preservation.

We encourage you to “take a break” wherever you are, and sharpen your axe! If you are in the Dowell Springs area, we invite you visit our magnificent walking trail and immerse yourself in the beauty of this beautiful area.


Nancy Howard is Vice President of Patient Services and the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.

Who Are the Proton Ambassadors? You Need to Know!


When someone is diagnosed with cancer, life’s focus turns to cancer treatment, quality of life, care and cure. During this journey, there are a myriad of emotions, and while the search for the right answer is insatiable, there is no greater comfort or substitute than connecting with someone who has been down your path.

As the Provision Center for Proton Therapy focuses on our Culture of Care, we recognize this important element of a patient’s journey. We have created an Ambassador Program, where former proton therapy patients are available to participate in a number of ways as an advocate of proton therapy.  They are able to serve newly diagnosed patients, as well as those currently receiving treatment.  Our Ambassadors have experienced the frightening diagnosis of cancer, the exhaustive research of treatments and side-effects, the multitude of tests, the influx of medical bills, and finally the confusion and overwhelming emotions as they discern all of this new information.  They understand the needs, the anxieties, and the fears of those recently diagnosed with cancer.  They can provide information, direction, explanation and facilitation, while nourishing patients with encouragement, inspiration and hope. They are part of our Culture of Care, and they are willing to serve in any capacity that advances proton therapy.

They willingly, genuinely and respectfully extend their hand to walk with new patients through their journey. January 20. 2014 marked the first treatment day for Provision Center for Proton Therapy and our Ambassadors were on hand to support new patients and their caregivers.  Click here to see the news coverage and to meet two of our active Ambassadors, Gordon Webster and Tom Bomkamp.

If you would like to connect with an Ambassador, please click here visit the Proton Guys web site, or call the Provision Center for Proton Therapy at 1-855-566-1600 and ask to speak to one of our care coordinators.