Chase Escott, MD

Dr. Allen Meek

Chase Escott, MD

Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Chase Escott is a Radiation Oncologist who joined Tennessee Oncology, the largest oncology group in our region, to provide services here at Provision CARES Proton Therapy Nashville. Prior to his arrival in Middle Tennessee, he worked at Emory University in Atlanta, where he completed his radiation oncology residency.

Dr. Escott has extensive experience in managing a variety of cancers with various radiation modalities, including proton therapy, SRS, IMRT, brachytherapy, pediatric protocols, partial breast irradiation, liver and lung SBRT, concomitant boost head and neck irradiation, and re-irradiation. He has also performed a great number of hydrogel spacer implants.

Prior to completing his medical degree at Dartmouth, Dr. Escott spent eight years working as an engineer. He expresses a great desire to establish meaningful relationships with patients and advance research and education in his area of expertise.