Joe Matteo

Dr. Allen Meek

Joe Matteo

Chief Technical Officer of Provision Healthcare, LLC and President of ProNova Solutions, LLC R&D and Manufacturing Division

Joe Matteo is Co-Founder and President of ProNova Solutions, LLC R&D and Operations and Vice President of Research and Development for Provision CARES Proton Therapy. Mr. Matteo is leading an effort to develop the next generation of proton therapy equipment that is smaller, uses less power, and is lower cost than existing technology. ProNova is also focused on advancing proton therapy capabilities by increasing delivery precision and reducing treatment times. He has more than 25 years of technology experience with numerous patents and publications.

Previously, Mr. Matteo served as the Chief Technology Officer for Advion BioSciences, a leader in mass spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, and microchemistry, following the successful acquisition of the microfluidics company he founded, NanoTek LLC. Mr. Matteo founded NanoTek in 2004 to pursue development of micro and nano-scale technology for rapid production of radiolabeled imaging agents for use in positron emission tomography (PET) and served as President and CEO. Under Mr. Matteo’s leadership, NanoTek secured significant research funding, received numerous technology awards, filed and was awarded multiple patents in the field, developed several successful microfluidic products, secured development relationships with large pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and leading research universities, and began marketing and selling commercial units. In 2008, Mr. Matteo executed an acquisition agreement with Advion BioSciences linking the NanoTek synthesis platform with Advion’s complimentary analytical technology.

Prior to starting NanoTek, Mr. Matteo spent 14 years with CTI Molecular Imaging. He served five years as the Cyclotron Systems Division Director. While at CTI, Mr. Matteo managed multiple product lines and staff including R&D, manufacturing, production, installation, purchasing, service and training, and led various quality-improvement and cost-reduction efforts. R&D focused on development of several new automated chemistry instruments and a new cyclotron model, which is where he developed his interest in microfabrication and microchemistry. Before CTI, Mr. Matteo led a small-business venture, Matteo Automation and Robotics, and found success developing anthropomorphic technology for NASA and for other prosthetic applications. He also spent six years in the military robotics field at Lockheed Martin and at the National Institute of Science and Technology.

Mr. Matteo serves as an Officer and Director on several Boards and is a founding member of the Lighthouse Angel Fund focused on providing early startup funding and mentoring. Mr. Matteo is a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters’ Degree in Controls and Dynamics from the University of Maryland and Bachelors’ Degree from Drexel University.