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Innovation in healthcare solutions that CARES for the patient

Provision Healthcare was formed in 2005 with the purpose of developing innovative healthcare solutions focused on improving patient care and clinical outcomes while developing support for research, as well as educational and charitable causes. Provision Healthcare is a unique model that serves as a proven provider, equipment manufacturer and supplier, and developer/operator with distinguished comprehensive expertise in cancer care and proton therapy.

About Us

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Provision CARES Cancer Network

The CARES Cancer Network is focused on providing the most comprehensive and advanced treatment options for patients. This network extends across the world and promotes collaborative care and research that benefits the patient and the larger fight against cancer.

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Cancer Centers

Provision CARES Cancer Centers are unique in their collaboration to serve patients.  Offering multiple modalities of treatment, physician peer-to-peer consultations conclude the best treatment option(s) for the patient.

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Proton Therapy

Provision CARES Proton Therapy, offered through the Provision CARES Cancer Network, is led and supported by the most innovative cancer expertise in the healthcare industry. Overall patient satisfaction is 98%.

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Innovative Solutions

Provision offers the most advanced cancer treatment options throughout the world with the knowhow and solutions that make proton therapy more accessible for healthcare providers. Provision is “Making Proton Therapy a Clinical Reality” for patients and healthcare providers.

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