About Provision

Defining the Future of Comprehensive Cancer Care

Our patient-centered approach empowers us to revolutionize comprehensive cancer care, leading future innovation that begins and ends with the patient.

The ProNova SC360 Proton Therapy system

Our Mission

Provision Healthcare is committed to making proton therapy a clinical reality for cancer patients around the world. We will increase access by developing new cancer care centers and innovating proton therapy technologies.

Our History

Provision Healthcare began in 2005 with a purpose to develop innovative healthcare solutions that focused on improving patient care and clinical outcomes, and a commitment to drive research, education, and charitable causes. Our unique mission, combined with our distinguished history of innovation in healthcare sets us apart from other proton therapy or cancer center developers, operators, and medical device suppliers that have a much narrower focus. Our comprehensive expertise and innovative, entrepreneurial approach continues to propel Provision Healthcare toward a position of industry leadership in both cancer care and proton therapy.

Provision Healthcare world headquarters in Knoxville, TN
Prostate cancer patient lays on treatment table while radiation therapist aligns him for proton therapy

Our Solutions

Provision Healthcare offers comprehensive solutions to advance proton therapy, setting new standards of excellence for industry best practices. Inspired by innovation that cares, our team is creating integrated solutions that deliver optimal performance-measured results. Provision offers unparalleled risk protection with proven cost and performance benefits for new cancer center development and uncompromising patient care standards. Offering the most advanced cancer treatment options throughout the world, Provision’s expertise and solutions are making proton therapy more accessible for patients and healthcare providers.

Our Culture

Establishing new standards of excellence for patient care, we have embraced an exceptional Culture of Care philosophy to respect the dignity & value of every person by providing an environment of compassion, sensitivity, and thoughtful consideration.

Caring healthcare worker holds hands with a patient