Diagnostic Imaging

Provision Healthcare believes there is more to advanced medical imaging than simply providing a service. Provision Diagnostic Imaging respects the dignity and value of every patient by offering the most comprehensive medical imaging technology, the highest level of professional expertise in the industry, and compassionate, personalized patient care.

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At Provision Diagnostic Imaging, the focus is always on you. Our clinical staff goes to great lengths to ensure that each patient has a truly positive experience.

The imaging center plays a critical role in initial cancer diagnosis, treatment planning, and recurring cancer by offering state-of-the-art technologies for detection, staging, and monitoring. We offer a variety of diagnostic imaging services so that you receive the most accurate diagnosis possible, including the latest imaging procedures to help aid in the diagnosis of recurring Prostate Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Provision Diagnostic Imaging was built with you in mind. As a free-standing, non-hospital facility located in Knoxville, Tennessee, the center offers free convenient parking and no-hassle appointment scheduling.


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