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ProNova Solutions Announces Moataz Karmalawy as President/CEO to Advance Proton Therapy thru Global
Development and Partnerships

February 26, 2024, Maryville, Tennessee, USA

Dr. Moataz Karmalawy has been named President & Chief Executive Officer of ProNova Solutions, LLC, and Senior Vice President of Provision Healthcare, LLC, the parent company of ProNova. Karmalawy will provide strategic business knowhow to improve proton therapy outcomes using ProNova’s state-of-the art proton therapy solutions through the development of innovative relationships in proton therapy centers and comprehensive cancer care centers. Most recently, Moataz has been the President of Advanced Oncotherapy. Prior to that, and for 12 years, he served as the President of the Worldwide Particle Therapy business at Varian Medical Systems which was acquired by Siemens. Prior to joining Varian, Moataz worked for ADAC/Philips Medical Systems for 10 years in a variety of roles including Vice President of Research and Development, Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Strategic Development. Karmalawy’s globally respected leadership, experience, entrepreneurial contributions, and knowhow in the healthcare industry will accelerate the mission and success of ProNova Solutions and Provision Healthcare.

“We are excited that Moataz chose to join our organization and continue our mission to improve patient access to proton therapy and advanced cancer care,” says Terry Douglass, Ph.D., Provision Healthcare and ProNova Chairman & Founder. “We know Moataz will bring incredible experience and knowhow to this role, and we are confident he will serve as a thought leader for our team and the radiation therapy and advanced cancer care industry as well. Our team looks forward to working with Moataz as our new ProNova President/CEO.”

About ProNova
ProNova Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of Provision Healthcare, is committed to making proton therapy accessible to a greater number of patients and physicians worldwide. ProNova was founded by former leaders of CTI Molecular Imaging, which brought positron emission tomography (PET) technology out of the laboratory and made it a clinical reality for millions of cancer patients. Today the same team continues redefining cancer treatment with the SC360, the only superconducting 360-degree compact proton therapy system. It is the only proton therapy system developed in a clinical setting, benefiting from continuous input from physicians, medical physicists, and therapists during design and development. The system includes state of the-the art features such as pencil beam scanning and advanced imaging with cone-beam CT, all in a compact design.

About Provision Healthcare
Provision Healthcare LLC was formed in 2005 with the purpose of developing innovative healthcare solutions focused on improving patient care and clinical outcomes and developing support for research and education. Provision has developed a unique, comprehensive expertise in proton therapy and healthcare solutions, including Provision’s patient-focused “Culture of Care” that distinguishes Provision from other proton and cancer center developers and operators that have a much narrower focus. The combination of unique expertise and an innovative entrepreneurial approach continues to propel Provision towards a position of industry leadership with respect to both cancer care and proton therapy.

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