Radiation Effects Testing

ProNova Solutions offers radiation effects testing with a dedicated beam line for researchers from industry, government agencies, and academic institutions to conduct proton testing.

Ideal for SEE and TID Testing

Our Knoxville radiation testing services offer researchers a proton beam line that allows for customizable testing of circuit boards and VLSI electronic components for single event effects (SEE) and total ionizing dose (TID) evaluation.

Applications benefiting include:

  • Space electronics and components
  • Military and missile defense
  • Aviation
  • High reliability computing
  • High density data storage
  • Material damage studies
  • Shielding evaluation

Our dedicated accelerator and beam line eliminates any beam sharing with the operating clinic, giving test teams the benefit of weekday testing with 100% uninterrupted access to the beam in a spacious test room and convenient data acquisition area.

Hours of Operation

We offer beam availability from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please contact Jewell Overton to schedule time.


For pricing information, please contact us directly.

Contact Information

For Beam Scheduling and General Inquiries:

Jewell Overton
Senior Office & Product Marketing Manager, ProNova Solutions
865-862-4112  |  jewell.overton@pronovasolutions.com

For Technical Questions:

Laddie Derenchuk
V.P. Physics & Research, ProNova Solutions
812-320-0602  |  laddie.derenchuk@pronovasolutions.com

Beam Line Specifications

Min 0.005 nA
Max 5.5 nA @ 200 MeV

Min 50 MeV
Max 200 MeV

Min: ~3E5 p/cm2
Max: ~1E+12 p/cm2

Min ~1E+04 p/cm2/s
Max ~7E+08 p/cm2/s

Beam Optics:
Field Size:
Min 1.8 cm diameter
Max 20 cm diameter
Uniformity > 80%

Access: Direct doors

Cable Length: 20 yds

Max Weight: 500 lbs

Max Dimensions: 79 in x 21 in